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Tozan Cultural Society

The Tozan is a Multi-chamber Noboragama Kiln and a Woodfire train kiln located at the Tamagawa University in Cedar. If you are interested please email  or follow us on Facebook. You may request via email to be added to the email list. Please feel free to come and join us during a work party get to know the regular crew and what wood fire is all about. Work parties usually include potluck lunch. The Tozan Kilns are all fired to cone 10, the Noboragama is a three day firing once a year.

Because it is a labour intensive process we encourage as much involvement with prep as you can give. You need 2 “shifts” to get the 3 cents discount rate; these shifts can be a combination of participation at work parties and firing shifts: we can always use more help prepping so please consider a work party as well as a firing shift.

  • Work Parties ~3hrs = 1/2 Shift

  • Work Parties ~6hrs = 1    Shift

  • Firing Shifts = 1 Shift

  • All Other Firing Shifts = 1/2 Shift


Firing Fees         

  • = 3 cents / cubic inch for 2 or more work shifts

  •  = 4 cents / cubic inch for 0.5 - 1.5 work shifts

  • = 5 cents / cubic inch for zero work shift

  • Those of you who live out of town - please consider the fact that your gas savings alone from not attending work parties will nullify / subsidize your higher rate.


Come Prepared for loading day

  • Woodfired pots do not need glazes on the outside though it is still to glaze with a foodsafe glaze on the inside. There are some glazes on sight that can be used the day of loading, All pots must be wadded (ash will glue your pot to the shelf otherwise) wadding is available on site but please give yourself time for this process.

  • Please be organized and have an inventory list of your pots with their dimensions:  length x width x height = cubic inches. The minimum height for cost calculation is 3 inches for plates and tiles.

  • To ensure your pots are fairly spread through the kiln please designate 1/3 of your pots for the back of the kiln, 1/3 for the middle and 1/3 for the front. Choose 2 pots for the very front (be reasonable)


Members 65 and up will pay the discount rate of 3 cents/cubic inch, but we are flexible - we’ll take more if you insist!

Please have your membership up-to-date ($50/yr), and paid separate from your firing fee. All payments for membership and firing are now to be made through email transfer; this helps our treasurer Tony process and keeps track of payments.

If you have a friend / family member who is helping out at the firing, we would appreciate that they buy a membership as well - this is not mandatory, but they must still fill out a membership form for record and insurance purposes.

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