Past Artists in Residence


Kelsey Rohnagan joined us for the summer of 2018 from Calgary. Her time was spent developing a new colour palate and creating a catalogue. Her  show  "meet the collection" and a workshop was well attended. We are so proud of Kelsey for her leadership roll that she undertook while she was with us, she became part of the NCA family.

Kelsey recently won best emerging artist award in Make and Do's show Plenty


"Deciding to move to the island and take part in this artist residency at Nanaimo Ceramic Arts was a really positive and transformative step for my art career.  This time gave me the knowledge and experience to not only perfect my line of work, but to really see how it would function outside of the studio setting.  How much would I sell pieces for, where would I sell them, how long does it take me to make them, how do I develop a business plan?  Through time, all of these questions were taken into consideration and this gave me an opportunity to honour my creative process while at the same time getting serious about the business side of things.

All of the people who are a part of Nanaimo Ceramic Arts (teachers, drop-in members etc.) are mega rad and it is a welcoming, fun and positive environment to be working in.  If you are looking for an opportunity to develop a line of work, have an exhibition, develop a business plan, spend time in a beautiful ocean front city and perhaps teach a few workshops along the way, all while being supported in your process and your vision, this is the place to go!  You will leave with so so much more than what you thought you came here for."


Karisa Evdokimoff
Visual Artist