Members' Drop-In program


  •      Monday         10:00  - 1:00

  •      Tuesday         5:30 - 8:30   

  •      Wednesday  10:00 - 1:00

  •      Thursday      10:00 - 1:00

  •      Friday            10 am - 1:00

  •      Saturday       1:00 - 4:00

Drop In hours under COVID-19 safety restrictions are now more restricted.  The hours are reduced to 3 and a there is a limit of 4 people in the studio during these hours. 


You will need to pre-book the time you want.  You will be registered for the full three hours, and you will need to pay for the full 3 hours, whether or not you use all of this time.   Please consider coming on the same day and time each week so that you are with the same group. As things are always changing, we are only booking times up to 2 weeks in advance. If we get busy, more hours will be added.  

$18/3 hrs

Drop In Studio

Our Studio hosts are knowledgeable and will try to answer any questions you may have. However, there is no instruction. Drop-In is available for anyone who has taken a pottery class and can competently work with the clay, equipment and glazes without direction. NCA is equipped with 4 wheels, a slab roller and two large work tables,. We have many basic throwing and hand building tools. Bring your own if you have them, and  take them home to clean them.

To keep organized there is a designated Drop_In shelf where current work can be stored for up to 2 months. Please be aware that if work is left unsigned or unlabeled it may be discarded. Drop In studio is hobby potters only.

Drop-In Glaze Studio is single person occupancy for physical distancing purposes. We have 12 Glazes and many underglazes.  Call to arrange a time.


Drop In participants are responsible for keeping the studio clean after use, including any tools used and mopping the floor. We have a comprehensive COVID-19 response plan in place following Work Safe BC guidelines. If you are feeling ill,  do not come to the studio.  If you need to cancel due to illness you will be fully refunded.


Drop in is available for anyone who has taken a pottery class and can competently work with the clay, equipment and glazes without direction.  If you have never taken one of our classes, you will need to start with a tour of the studio and directions on how to safely use the materials and equipment.  Please call Bronwyn to arrange a time for a tour.  If you are nervous about working independently please consider taking another class.



Cost of the drop-in program is $8/hour or $120/month or $60/10 hours



Because we recycle our clay, our studio uses white or buff clay only.

Clay must be purchased through the studio.  $40 will get you a 22 lb  bag of clay, the glazes you need, and firing costs.  Studio staff will do the firing for you.

Monthly Members

Monthly memberships are paid on the 1st or the 15th and include the use of a cubby for work, tools and clay.


For those who have advanced skills, you can exchange for a commitment of one shift a week as a drop in monitor. Monitors are responsible for greeting Drop-In Members and taking payment and will be assigned a studio maintenance task. We are not currently looking for studio hosts, but if you are interested please inquire as spaces do become available. We prefer to work with people that we know so if you are interested in the work exchange please consider taking some workshops with us or using the drop in studio for a month or so.