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Open Studio

The open studio is booked by appointment. $24/Drop-In or $80/for four, three-hour Drop-in

The open studio has minimal access to the glaze room, so if you have more than 1 or 2 items to glaze, please book the glaze room is booked separately. 

Drop-in does not include instruction. Drop-In is available for anyone currently registered for a class with us or has taken 1 of our 8-week pottery classes or the equivalent and can competently work with the clay, equipment and glazes without direction. 

To keep organized, a shelf will be assigned to you; if you do not know where to store your work and clay, please ask. Let us know if you do not intend to return for more than 2 weeks, and we can store bisque and clay items for up to 3 weeks. Please be aware that it may be discarded if work is left unsigned or unlabeled or if it has been left for more than 3 weeks.

Drop-In Studio is not intended for large amounts of work; members are constrained by storage space and kiln capacity. 

Before you book for the first time, please read the in-depth information about Drop-in below the Schedule.

We currently welcome new members.

Tue -1:30-4:40 or 5:30-8:30.  Wed - 11:00 - 1.    Thur - 11 - 2.  Sat 1-2:30  Sat 1:30-4:30    Sun 10-1.

Studio Schedule

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About Drop-In

Drop-In participants are responsible for keeping the studio clean after use, including any tools used and mopping the floor.


Drop-in is available for anyone who has taken a pottery class and can competently work with the clay, equipment and glazes without direction or is currently enrolled in a class. If you have never taken one of our classes,  please email or call the studio to let us know if you have booked your first Drop-In so we can plan to have someone available to show you the ropes.


The cost of the drop-in program is $24/booking, $80/4 bookings (over 3 months) or $120/9 bookings a month.



Because we recycle our clay, our studio only uses white or buff clay.

Clay must be purchased through the studio. $45 will get you a 22 lb bag of clay, the glazes, and firing costs. Studio staff will do the firing for you. 

Monthly Members

Monthly memberships can choose their start date. Membership includes the use of a full-sized ware board in a designated zone and some space to store tools. Before purchasing a monthly membership, you must inquire if there is space.


For those who have advanced skills, you can exchange for a commitment of one shift a week as a drop-in monitor. Monitors are responsible for greeting Drop-In Members and taking payment and will be assigned a studio maintenance task. We are not currently looking for studio hosts, but if you are interested, please inquire as spaces do become available. We prefer to work with people that we know, so if you are interested in the work exchange, please consider taking some workshops with us or using the drop-in studio for at least a month or so.

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