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COVID-19 Response Plan

N.C.A is always working to create a safe creative space for customers and staff using Work Safe BC guidelines of Elimination, Engineering controls, administrative controls, and PPE. We are keeping abreast of the new Orders in place. Our COVID-19 response plan is evolving to meet our needs, if you are concerned about any aspect of the plan or feel that it is not functioning well please let us know. Our plan is posted by the cash in the studio.


    recent enforcement of our plan includes

  • checking vaccine passports with the BC Vaccine card verifier.

  • encouraging the use of 3 layer paper masks


Elimination reduces your exposure to people.

·         Continuing at-home projects

·         Online hand-building class with Karisa

·         Online tutorials for continued learning

·         Kiln firing and Glazing services

·         Wheel rentals so you can work from home

·         Curbside pick-up and drop off - please call ahead

·         Online shop

·         Drop-In is pre-registration with a maximum of 6 persons

·         Reduced class sizes to 7 giving each person double the recommended square meters

·         Glaze room by appointment 1 person max

·         Full refund policies for cancellation due to illness

·         Strict sanitation schedule between each customer


Engineering controls change our space so that while we are together there are barriers between us and markings to indicate safe distances and path use.

·         Sneezeguard around the cashier.

·         5 m2 at the entrance.

·         Barriers and path flow guides to re-enforce physical distancing.

·         Individual cubicles for each person to work with 5 m2 in your work zone.

·         Physical barriers between work zones

·         9.5 m2 per person in the studio.

·         Increased ventilation -  our space has windows on 3 sides

·         Individual storage spaces for finished work, clay and personal items

Administrative controls help us communicate and organize the use of the space

·         Easy to follow guides for customers and staff  posted in each work zone reduce movement

·         Individual tools and wash water to reduce your need to go to the sink

·         Individual bleach water and sanitizers

·         Sanitation between customers

·         Longer times between activities reduces the build-up of aerosol particles

·         Emails to customers to educate on our new procedures


  • Hand sanitizer, soap and masks are available for use

  • Masks should be worn at all times

COVID-19 Action Plan For Members

A practical application of WCB and Health BC recommendations and orders


Before coming

  • Check-in with your health: are you or anyone in your household feeling unwell? If so, please do not come to the studio. Let us know and we will refund or credit your booking.

  • If you are picking up or dropping off call ahead. We may be able to accommodate you outside.

  • Wear a mask. If you forget yours, we have paper ones


Do your very best to maintain 6 feet or a barrier between you and others at all times. This means:

  • Do not enter the classroom until invited: especially if someone is being assisted at the desk.

  • When you come in go immediately to your zone hang up your personal items.

  • Do not leave your zone if there are people in the path or in your destination. (this might be awkward so please speak up if you feel stuck)

  • When you are walking around the room check for markers on the floor to help you maintain your distance.

  • We all want to be courteous but we must try to be firm, do not ask to or allow others to bend the rules for convenience.


Sanitizing is a big part of keeping the next person to use your zone safe. We have a 3-pronged approach that you can help us with.

  • Keep your hands clean. Sanitize or wash your hands with soap and water when; you arrive, or touch a personal item or your face

  • Use the bleach water provided to wipe down your station at the end of class,

  • Spray high traffic items with cleaner before you go (wheel, stool and hook)

  • If you use the washroom use the sanitizer to spray the faucet, soap dispenser and flush handle before you exit the room.

  • Tools: at the moment tools are shared within your zone. In January you will need your own tools, please consider ordering them now.


Storage of clay and finished work

  • Do not touch other peoples finished work

  • Class members must sign their work with their zone #

  • A box will be put out on the middle table for greenware. It will be moved into the kiln room daily.

  • Please come back for you glazed work within 2 weeks of glazing. This will reduce clutter on the pickup shelves and less likely that someone touched your pot.

  • If you are going to be away for a month please take your bisque ware with you.

  • Label your clay clearly and leave the name facing out so you can find it without touching other people’s bags.

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