Mugs and Bowls

Firing Services

you can make work at home and bring it in to fire with us. We fire to cone 6, you must know the temperature of your clay or purchase clay through us


when you work is ready to be fired please bring it into the gallery between 11 and 5 Tuesdays to Saturdays. you will be asked to transfer your work into one of our measurement trays "Costco cucumber boxes" 

1 Shelf is  22" by 14" and 6inch high work  unstacked

we have a few different options to choose from and you will be charged upfront so pick ups are nice and easy. Most work will be processed in 1 to 2 weeks

 - if you wish to make work at home and pick it up finished we will bisque and glaze it for you $5 per item to glaze in 1 colour of your choice

- If your plan is to return and book a glaze drop in ($12-$20) your bisque and glaze will be bundled together. 

1 shelf both firings $28

1/2 shelf both firings $18

- if you wish to fire with us but glaze at home

1 shelf bisque - $12 

1/2 shelf bisque - $9

1 shelf glaze - $15

1/2 shelf glaze - $9