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Take home clay kits

$42 available in person at the gallery


Our take home kits are made up of 8lbs of clay, a sponge and scoring tool. You make it we Glaze it for you. You can make whatever you want; cups or plates, figurines or planters. Once you have made your pieces bring them back into the gallery.


  A couple things to get you started.

  • Our YouTube channel Nanaimo Ceramic Arts Studio has some ten minute tutorials on different projects and come out with new things to make all the time so follow us on Instagram @nanaimoceramicarts.

  • If there is something that you are interested in making and you want some help. Let us know, Bronwyn is always looking for new project ideas


Set up

To set up a space to work you can use an old pillowcase or sheet. Any flat fabric will do. If you want to get a little fancy, staple your fabric tight across a board so it doesn’t move around when you work.

A wooden rolling pin is a very helpful too but if you don’t have one, a round dowel or can will work.

            Clay Rules

  1. Clay should never be thicker than a man’s thumb. If it is, stick some holes in it as a cheat

  2. Anytime you attach two pieces of clay together you need to scratch it up and wet it a little to keep the pieces stuck.  this is called scoring and slipping

  3. Too much water will make a soggy mess

  4. Too little water will make the clay crack and become difficult to work with

  5. As long as we don’t fire the clay it is reusable, even if it completely dry you can wet it down again.

  6. Clay does not go bad and will last forever

When you are finished fill out an inventory sheet, pick out your glaze colours and bring your work to the gallery during gallery hours 11 to 5 Tuesday to Saturday. Our tipical turn around for friring is 2 weeks


Happy Making!

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